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19 August 2013 @ 10:52 pm
Why does Grimes music make me feel like I am insane? Also, I discovered weeding my garden makes me feel like I am losing my mind! Something about the blood rushing to my head then weird and compulsive thoughts follow. I stopped doing heavy duty gardening and my sanity has returned! lol

I have a secret I can't tell anyone



nobody knows

so shhhh

xXx oOo
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21 February 2012 @ 05:36 pm
Over 1 year since I last posted. I was thinking about livejournal but too lazy to try and remember my password, but when i thought more than 2 seconds about it I quickly remembered what it was.

News -
Oh I got my hollywood bowl tickets for this year! Regretfully I didn't go last year and I always wanted to see 4minute. I actually got decent seats. I didn't get pool circle so I probably won't get to touch anyone like I did with every member of ss501 (who i hate, but didn't hate enough to swoon over a handshake)
My cousin just got an apartment in downtown LA which is OH SO CONVENIENT! I can't wait to stay in downtown and be able to go out at all hours and do laundry and stuff. And I will be close to KOREATOWN!!!! I love KOREATOWN.

Oh and I have a boyfriend now. Not a fake internet boy that webcams for me. A REAL LIFE BOYFRIEND! Who moved from China to be near me, and is getting his MBA at a university he specifically chose because it is only a few hours away. He came in the beginning of January and so far I have gone to Cleveland to see him twice. He is so cute and so sweet. -He is the boy I called a human panda bear in this old LJ entry from 2010- I think he is THE ONE~ and I don't believe in the THE ONE or fate or destiny or any nonsense like that. I just believe he's the boy for me. He makes me happy and hopefully I make him happy too. Because I am going to California for the Korean Music Festival this spring I won't be able to see my boyfriend again til late May/early June. I got us tickets to see THE SHINS. I am gonna take him to his first rock concert. I am so excited but also I feel so much pressure. I have to read 200 pages of my chemistry book in 2 days and I am wasting my time writing this entry so

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19 December 2010 @ 10:36 pm

It has been quite some time since I updated lj. I have to say I miss it. I feel like I am starting to get a bit sick. Halls are my bestest friend at the moment. It's so weird how I have so much to say yet nothing. I wish lj would get with the program and let me upload photos here directly like most other sites do. I like to share my silly little photos and experiences.
But since the point of this lj is to ramble on about k-pop without annoying my friends too much- which I am sure I have always managed to do regardless. What is up with homin retaining the name TVXQ? Jesus Christ have some fucking respect for that name and your fans as well as the other members, who i am sure wouldn't be performing under that name even if they could. I know those 2 are still slaves to the corporate empire that is SM(oh goodness the mere mention of those 2 letters really excites my boy hehe) but my gosh how can they? How the fuh will they even perform? Changmin singing and Yunho dancing backup with a few rap verses? I love them both but they are both the least well-rounded members of the group. And now they dont have anyone to pick up the slack. But all that is besides the point. What I really wanna bitch about is how the stupid fans are saying "SUPPORT" WTF! Why on earth should I? TVXQ is 5 members and I will never any other grouping under that name. If we want our group back we must be firm with SM. We never approved of their treatment of the boys and we don't approve of this either. Well I guess that is all I can say for now. Forgive my typos. I am typing with my thumbs.

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12 October 2010 @ 03:22 am
I have to talk about that dang mongol of mine again! He was gone for the longest time ever! Like almost 2 months? I mean absolutely NO contact. Except for the rare- i mean EXTREMELY rare occasion he would login from his cell. One day I saw he was on his cell so i sent him the innocent message saying "I miss you" and guess what the reply was!!!
"I don't miss you"
#$%@*^%$@!!!!!!!! that little slanty eyed fucker!! Wanted to pound his little chinese dick.
*deep breath* so angry, but luckily one of my friends calmed me down ^___^ made me realize it is probably just one of his girlfriends got a hold of his phone or he was near one and didnt want to look as shady and he really is or something like that-- I can understand, I guess let it slide.
Anyways yesterday I actually heard from Mongol. Not only did a i hear but i saw! Seemed he was staying in some PRIVATE HOSTEL ROOM with a computer-internet-webcam. You can only imagine haha
My mongol got stripped buck ass naked and put on a cam show for me-- I swear to GAWD i did not request but he was gonna give it to me whether i wanted or not.
Boys are so silly, they think girls are turned on by naked boys in the way boys are turned on by naked girls. I know i shouldn't make blanket statements and there might be some girls who are legitimately turned on by dangly penis and hairy balls and all that but I tend to think they are the exception to the rule. I, for one, am a very visually stimulated girl-- Yeah half naked men can be very titillating and sexy but the key word is HALF naked. Even penis can be exciting, but I feel its more for the sake of killing the curiosity. At least speaking for myself, i am NOT turned on by fully naked boys(unless its gay japanese porn but that's a longer story). i appreciate that a boy is willing to do that for me, getting nothing in return and that maybe makes me feel excited- but not by the visual just by the notion. But mongol seemed to think i was-- cuz he was doing these weird cross-legged crotch teasing poses-- it was pretty ladylike :P
truthfully, it made me uncomfortable~!
Have you guys ever seen those late night docu's on the discovery channel, or perhaps even the travel channel, where they go to remote jungle areas of the amazon or somewhere in borneo and they have those pubescent native boys running around in loin cloths or, even more typically, not in loin cloths-- maybe just a fiber strap to hold it all in place as they go hunting monkeys with poison darts??? Like seriously do you know how that looks?? Well that is exactly how mongol looks naked. And it didnt turn me on. Just made me want to offer him some immunizations before he makes contact with the known world. Or perhaps call "feed the children" in hopes of being able to sponsor him and he would send me some pleasant (non naked) pictures and a letter in the future.
30 August 2010 @ 11:18 am
Yesterday i had another period induced near melt down. I am exaggerating but! I do get overly emotional sometimes ^^ But i hope that has passed and sanity has returned to me once again.
Last month my hormones took such control of my mind that I actually was crying in the fetal position, sobbing so hard that I was gasping for air for a good half hour...
and you will not believe why;
BECAUSE 10 YEARS AGO when I was in high school some asshole sat in my bus seat on my NYC trip and told me to go sit somewhere else so he could sleep. It's not like I ran into the guy or anything. But thoughts led to memories, led to other memories and eventually led to that memory and caused me to have an "episode". But after I let all that out I felt great!

Maybe I like flyleaf now. I always kinda thought they were like Avril goes nu-metal. But i have been listening to more of their music (since yesterday) and to my surprise they are actually kinda versatile. Too bad when I had the chance to see them at family values I was busy shaking hands with dir en grey. But they are coming soon, I think the tickets aren't too badly priced. Mmm do they have mosh-pits? I am way past the age to even tolerate moshing anymore. I never liked it but now I think if someone shoved me at a concert I would really wanna knife them in the back of the neck. *sigh* that was always the problem with being a nu-metal fan. The other fans were idiots. Ohh and also I love love love deftones new song! I totally didn't even pay attention to the fact they had a new album out like- I knew they had one but was like -meh whatevs... Then I was listening to the radio and was like, what is this band??? They're actually good? What? My local rock station playing something good for once? Hey wait! That sounds like Chino! OOOOO DANG it's the deftones new song!! Wow they are great! hehe I guess I shouldn't lose faith in some of my bands so easily.

Other than the occasional meltdown or feeling that I lack a confidant. Life is good. I feel happy and hopeful!

xXx oOo
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20 July 2010 @ 03:21 am
Maybe it's just because my period should be on it's way but I think I should give up hope on a friendship. Too much time has passed and I should just accept nothing will be the same as it was before. Same story different person. I am outgrown once again.

The only thing I can do now is keep working on myself. Hoping to get better. Find encouragement in the people around me and maybe one day I can have the boy I want. Or one of the boys i want and hopefully they won't tire of me like everyone else does and I will never have to feel lonely or at least i have someone to tag along with me for certain things.

I found myself the absolute sweetest boy. He is beautiful, gentle, cuddly. Basically a human panda bear ~We have almost nothing in common. He likes Celine Dion and classical music. His heart is full of sunshine and love- according to him, and I guess mine is full of gloom and doom ¬¬ I already told him I wasn't ready for him and he should forget me. He replied in the best way anyone ever could...
He said he understood and would wait.
...and that he didn't lose faith in me for a second.
I can't have him now, but I want him someday... and i want to never ever let go of him! Then, we can finally say those 3 words to each other that I know we both feel but don't dare say aloud. ^^
Until that time, I hope he doesn't tire of me like everyone else... I don't know how to break this curse of mine.

-Totally unrelated :P
For the first time ever Mongol said he would save money to come and see me. I know he can't save money hehe He likes to spend, but I am just happy he allowed himself to have the thought for once. ^^
he showed me both eyes!

He kinda had a breakdown that I actually witnessed part of from the other side of the world. He basically told his girlfriend off and then left the city for 2 months and was just wondering the grasslands again. He is finally back to civilization and like 10 pounds lighter. We finally discussed deeper things like... Family and food haha and he lied and lied and lied >_< grrrrr

xXx oOo
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05 March 2010 @ 10:54 pm
so I guess I am gonna do an update that is not centered around my Mongol boy (haha maybe soon!) but around another topic...
Jaebum! :( How on earth did this happen? He was supposed to be back around this time! All us fans were anticipating since September. There was press conference announced and all of us were filled with anxiety wondering what was going to happen. Was Jaebum going to be there? Were they going to tell when and how exactly he would be returning or would they keep us guessing?
:( Then a few days before the conference they dropped the bombshell. Jaebum will not be returning! His contract has been voided and he is gone from 2pm and JYPE FOREVER! When i initially read the statement released by JYPE I could not even understand it. The explanation made absolutely no sense at all! He committed some "social error" and informed JYP on the 22nd of December. The boys were told the first week of January and decided to let him go then? WTF??? The time line and situation made no sense! I was praying and hoping deep down it was just some mistranslation or mix up of information. Or maybe JYP was playin' GOTCHA! for the press conference when he'd bring Jaebum back from behind a curtain to unveil him to the adoring fans!
really! Something was not right! So even though the news itself was devastating I was refusing to take it too seriously. Then the day of conference came. I was following as many updates and fan accounts as I possibly could. All of which i was taking with a grain of salt until i read 2oneday's twitter with live updates. Some of the girls from the site had actually traveled to Korea to attend the press conference and I knew them, if anyone, were going to remain level headed and give us factual information if they could. And what I read from their updates and twitter I could not believe... Junho saying he hated Jaebum... ehh no big surprise! Chansung asking what the hell is wrong with Jaebum.. well he's young and impressionable so maybe I can understand BUT Taecyeon saying that fans didn't defend Jaebum, that Jaebum leads a dirty lifestyle... WTF??? Aren't Taecyeon and Jaebum really close? Where is this coming from? I was convinced at that point this whole ordeal was a joke!! haha those boys would never drag Jaebum's name through the mud in front of fans! They are his friends! His dongsaengs! They are professionals! They are taught how to carry themselves in such a situation! How can they publicly act this way?! Hahaha NO WORRIES! While everyone is getting their panties in a bunch i can just sit back and relax because I know it's a joke! A well orchestrated over the top PRACTICAL JOKE!!!! HAHAHA oh JYP you are so good!!! You really know how to get the fans worked up so that when Jaebum comes back they will be more shocked than ever! and you 2pm boys! wow great acting! you play along so well and act so sincere and this whole time you know exactly how this is going down!!! xD ahh I was so sure this was a set up for something so mind blowing... I bet they will bring him back April 1st and be all JAJJANG!!!! the boys will be like, ~"had you going didn't we???"
But as time passed and more and more fan accounts and audio clips trickled in it became more apparent that my assumption (or delusional wishful thinking) was incredibly wrong. The boys were serious! They were hurtful and worst of all it wasn't a joke! It was really them and their feelings and their own words *deep sigh* How could this be? How could they turn on their Leadja??

I'll start off with my thoughts on the JUN brothers (junho and junsu)

First of all Junsu didn't seem to say much at the press conference. Which is pretty smart of him! I knew deep down he was probably relieved that Jaebum left. He is obviously a ham, the way he always wore those bedazzled masks on stage and wags his finger and puts on the -I masturbate looking in the mirror- face every chance he gets.

He wants the stage for himself... and 1 less boy in the group is 1 less boy stealing the spotlight from him- Esp a boy as popular, charismatic, beloved as Jaebum. I don't think it's anything deeply personal against Jaebum, but he's a shallow selfish bimbo famewhore bitch in that way! Is it ever personal?

and then there's Junho. The least surprising turncoat of all. He's a sadistic devious asshole. I can just tell by that look on his face. Another famewhore who's experiencing a drought in the charisma department and always appeared to be jealous of Jaebum. I knew that when Jaebum left in September he was secretly happy and never wanted him to return. So when this supposed -social error- was found out he couldn't have been any more happy to turn his back on Jay and use it as a valid reason to argue for Jaebum's permanent departure. During the press conference he couldn't have been more thrilled to badmouth Jay. He had to keep repeating how much he HATED Jay and how we all would HATE him too if we knew of this UNSPEAKABLE DEED! Of course he will never say what he did so we can judge for ourselves how we actually feel towards Jay but that didn't keep him from assuring us how we would feel. Then his fake tears came and a -whoa is me- spiel, and all I can say is that this boy is really pathetic! He tries to be a manipulator but he still needs to work on it because only the most gullible(iHottests) are buying the act!

[yeah that's really apparent. Rain has a heart ¬¬]

Chansung, can't really speak much for him. I guess he was also rude to fans and talked bad about Jay and appeared to be angry at him. I will excuse him because he's young, seems a bit irritable to begin with (he does look like Mr. Burns illegitimate Korean son- so it figures!), and I bet Junsu and Junho were in his ear the whole time. But whatever, no one really cares about what he has to say anyways so I am not holding it against him.

And the biggest disappointment of all, TAECYEON!! Taecyeon always seemed so sweet, shy, innocent, caring boy... Him and Jay seemed pretty close so to see him be so quick to point the finger at Jay and the fans really broke my heart! How could he turn so easily? I know Taec seems a bit sheltered and churchy so perhaps he doesn't know how the real world works yet, but how could whatever Jay did be so bad that Taecyeon would become someone no one recognized? I know, once again, Junsu and JUNHO (esp) were probably working their magic on him. Convincing him what Jay did was unforgivable and maybe Taec has been feeling frustrated with the situation and fans that it didn't take much to break him. Whatever happened to Taec is so unfortunate to have unfolded publicly in this way. Fans were so critical of the ways members of 2pm handled themselves at this press conference, Taec in particular, that JYPE actually apologized on their behalf and said they would behave better towards the fans in the future... *sigh*

So then there's KHUN and Wooyoung
I don't know what impression others have. Many say Khun is the only one still on Jay's side. And I believe Khun is... and he seems to have the best attitude of all. He can't change the situation so why get caught up in it? He has to go along with what the company decides while remaining on good terms with Jay. He seems pretty relaxed, but talked as if he was sensitive to fans' frustrations. So i think fans are least critical of him and for good reason. But i also feel that Wooyoung's heart is in the right place. This poor boy seems truly conflicted. When he was speaking at the conference I could sense the sincerity in his words. He talked for a long time because it seemed so important to him that he convey his true feelings. More so than even Khun or any member in the band he seems to be the most hurt by the situation. I could sense his love for Jay, his caring for the fans, and his frustration with the whole situation. He seems to be moving on because what else can he do? Everyone's mind is decided, why be the odd man out? For some reason fans are not sympathetic to him and feel he also turned on Jay. That is not the case. After all this went down I think Wooyoung is my favorite of all. He is the most loyal of all. Not just to Jay but to all the group, and the fans. He wants to be on good terms with everyone. <3 Wooyoung when I attend the Korean Music Festival this May I will be holding a sign for you! You deserve it the most!

So after this whole ordeal all I can say is WHAT A WASTE!
Boy spends years in Korea, by himself, away from his family, away from his friends, away from the only life he's ever known, unable to communicate just to have it all thrown away after 1 year... *sigh* what a waste JYP!!! I don't blame any of the boys for how this situation turned out because when all is said and done the boys don't make the business decisions, the company does. The boys have no actual power in this regard, so if they didn't want Jay back and the company said- he's coming back whether you like it not... Junho and Junsu would have been deduced to pouting in a corner. With a word from JYP, Jay would have been back.
JYP is no where near as good of a businessman as I thought...
such a shame...

Well not all is lost! Jaebum's dance crew will be auditioning for ABDC... what a way to redeem himself and a way for desperate fans to finally show their support for Jay! ~Actually the day he left in September all i could think is, "Well I hope at the very least I get to see him on America's Best Dance Crew!" haha maybe my dream will come true?
And since his contract with JYPE is void maybe he can sign with another company that will actually appreciate a wonderful boy like himself and not let him slip through their fingers so easily!
All the best to Jay, and the best to the 2 boys who didn't turn their backs on him! Love you 3!

xXx oOo
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15 November 2009 @ 01:08 am
I am so excited for Rain's movie Ninja Assassin! I am just counting down the days! ahhh! If there is a midnight showing I am so there!
But you know what a new Hollywood movie release means...
Well for one it means he's on the main page of myspace!

but it also means he will probably attempt some Engrish interviews

He has improved yet I cringe just as much as I ever did!

OMG Bi just stop trying so hard! hahaha
love you so much!
xXx oOo
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03 November 2009 @ 09:06 am
Dear Cassiopeia,


let 'em have it,
♥ Jackie
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02 November 2009 @ 12:43 pm
Dear Yunho and Changmin,

Grow some fucking balls

♥ Jackie
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25 September 2009 @ 09:27 pm
I consistently hate dislike boys named KIM JUNSU...
I am considering adding the name KIM JUNHO to the list as well ^^V

xXx oOo
16 September 2009 @ 01:29 am
Already rumors that 2pm will have a new member??? OMG if that really happens i have lost all faith in humanity! JYP please don't pull a Destiny's Child. Just the thought leaves me so heartbroken :'( Thank goodness Rain left and I am sorry to the wonder girls but I will boycott every JYP artist if that happens...


Jaebum I want you back!
*Currently downloading every 2pm performance ever in multiple formats and qualities*

xXx oOo
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Tonight I am going to see Amazing Baby at the Crofoot. I haven't been into this band for very long so I am not familiar with much of their music but a while ago I became to addicted to their first major single "Head Dress"

There is something so skeezily wonderful about that song! The dude's vocals xD love em
I think I should dig up a poncho to wear tonight hehe. I guess if I can't see MGMT rock some ponchos this year I can settle for seeing some friends of theirs do it...

I think it'll take my mind off of the whole Jaebum saga. I can't believe I took that so hard! This is like the worst thing to happen to me since back in 2005 when my desktop broke down and my laptop charger went dead at the same time and I couldn't watch Bi videos for half a day! Really it was an ORDEAL!
Even my mom says she cried about the Jaebum thing, LMAO. But we really were always so fond of him and our love for him had been growing major over the last few weeks. and I feel like we relate to him on some other level because he's American. I want him to come back! I really hope JYP has something up his sleeve. That man knows how to turn turds into fertilizer if you know what i mean!

OMG i so left a skeezy comment on Jaebum's friend's youtube account (the same friend that Jaebum left the controversial comments to on myspace). Basically just short of offering "services" for Jaebum's return. I checked back the next day and the account was closed LMFAO >_<;;; i am so bad!!!!

xXx oOo
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08 September 2009 @ 07:40 am

Jaebeom quits 2PM and leaves for home

I wondered why I couldn't access allkpop for HOURS last night... I didn't find out til this morning!
I really thought he was stronger than that. This was the stupidest controversy I ever heard and he let that bring him down? I think the boy is really homesick and probably wanted to be home for a long time. But he worked so hard for this. I wished he hadn't made such a hasty decision. This too shall pass!
I dreamed of seeing 2pm next year. Now I have less motivation!
I hope one day he comes back and JYP lets him with open arms.

Jaebum I still think you're 10점 만점에 10점
xXx oOo

edit: OMG he's even a trending topic on TWITTER
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07 September 2009 @ 04:47 pm
I like JaeBum even more since he called Korea gay.

cutie pie xD

xXx oOo
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30 August 2009 @ 08:00 pm
I was chatting with my friend from Korea this morning telling him that I wanted to see a movie and asking if he had suggestions. As i was browsing through local showtimes I couldn't find a dang thing I wanted to see. Seems that I have already seen the currently showing movies I could ever find even mildly amusing. Then i came to the Main Art theatre listings in Royal Oak and to my shock and surprise i saw a listing for THIRST!!!! I could not believe my eyes! The Park Chan Wook/Korean film that I have been dying to see for the longest time now! In fact, just this last week I was complaining to another Korean friend, who called the film a "masterpiece", that I could not see this movie locally. Korean movies never make it to my city and rarely are shown outside of the largest cities such as, New York and LA.
My initial reaction to seeing Thirst listed at a local theatre was a loudly vocalized SQUEEEEE. I have never seen a Korean movie on the big screen let alone a PARK CHAN WOOK film I have been dying to see.

While I was sitting in the theatre waiting for the movie to start I was shaking with anticipation. I couldn't believe. If only I had had the opportunity to see Sympathy for Lady Vengeance or Oldboy in a theatre or even I'm a Cyborg but That's OK I feel it could have been life altering.
After watching the movie I can say I was disapointed. I don't think I had over-hyped the actual film that much for myself. I just think it moved slow and was pretty much BORING. I read alot of reviews complaining or raving about the graphicness of the sex scenes. Perhaps I watch too much porn, but I didn't think they were all that graphic, just longer than typical, which i guess makes people uncomfortable. The thing that disturbed me the most was the apparent foot fetish of the lead character. Foot fetishes and men with them make me want to HURL and this one of the worst displays of that horrid affliction ICK ICK ICK. But the point I am trying to make by this whole rambling entry is that I SAW SONG KANG HO'S PENIS!!!!! I guess some blogs had mentioned it, but luckily for me I missed those entries because the fact that i was completely caught off guard by it made it a wonderous moment. It was truly the highlight of the movie for me and probably the highlight of my next few days. I was actually giddy for a good half hour just thinking penis spoilers behind hereCollapse ) yeah I am still giddy about it...

xXx oOo
13 August 2009 @ 06:21 pm
now I HATE Mongol boy

Ok i don't hate him at all, but he pisses me off
so I think I am done with him.
BUT before I decided I am done I did get to see...Collapse )
I guess it means I better trash my "if the yurt's a rockin' don't come a knockin'" sign I made. ;______;

xXx oOo
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10 August 2009 @ 11:13 pm
heat makes me crazy
periods make me crazy
heat + period make me uberly crazy

OH YEAH I met and hugged Wonder Girls!! They were the sweetest most gracious and charming girls and they were all taller than me... of course they were all wearing heels but still. I wasn't expecting that!

I have an internet "boy"... He's the hottest Mongol you have ever seen, TRUST ME!! Jailbait.Such a ditz he may as well be blond.Seems to think gangs and drug use are the -coolest-.Speaks about 3 words of English.Cams for me all the time and loves showing me his TRAMP STAMP(Which I have yet to identify! It's either a winged arrow or a flying penis!! I really don't know).He has told me he is 3 different ages (in the course of a month).Can't seem to type more than 4 words at a time.Pretty sure he has like 100 other -girlfriends-....BUT MY GAWD HE IS EFFIN HAWT
after watching GI JOE i decided my Mongol boy looks like Lee Byung Hun only 15 years younger...

hahahah <3 luv u my sexy mongol boy! I'd totally show you a good time in your yurt!
btw i totally googled "sexy mongol boy" today and those words have never been uttered (typed) on the interent, You read it here first!

xXx oOo
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14 June 2009 @ 12:21 am
This is some crazy schizz

xXx oOo
08 June 2009 @ 09:25 am
I have been listening to a lot of Lady Gaga lately (can't help it her songs are addictive) and there is one question I think begs to be answered.

Exactly how many heterosexual men have a "disco stick"?

Don't get me wrong... I'd love to ride a "disco stick", but i can't see anyone letting me ride their "disco stick" unless I let them ride mine in return. Which, sadly, I was not born with, but i guess could be purchased... Still it's a hard sell. ;)

reminds me of Bi's Rainism album promos...


xXx oOo
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28 May 2009 @ 10:23 pm
I had an absolutely exquisite time at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show yesterday. I am so glad I went! Karen O is a genius! If only her and Conor Oberst got together ... their offspring would be the 2nd coming!

She even wore the "zero" leather jacket!
I was watching that video thinking... -wow some of that really reminds me of chinatown san francisco... and sure enough it was filmed there
"Maps" was magical and <333 LOVE

xXx oOo
10 May 2009 @ 03:14 am
I touched every single friggin member of sscrap01
yeap thats right i have gay cooties from every last one of them
*squeee* I ended up being front row and it was magic!
So much better than I could have ever hoped for!

xXx oOo
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22 April 2009 @ 06:02 pm
I'd been having problems with my tooth off and on for a couple months now. But It wasn't bothering me much and I didn't have insurance so I guess i didn't feel it was urgent. Then on Easter my aunt bought me some big red gum, since I don't eat candy and I love cinnamon it seemed the perfect Easter basket treat. I chewed A LOT of gum... and I rarely even chew gum, but while I was chewing I noticed the flavor of the gum started to taste like a cavity... like decaying rotting tooth. I didn't think much of it. The next day I woke up with a fair amount of tooth pain. Since then, my tooth has been bugging me off and on at what seems complete random. One moment my tooth feels as normal as ever, next moment there's a little irritation there and next is excruciating pain and this cycle repeats at odd intervals. Then when I went to make my appointment the dentist's office said I wasn't covered. Which was annoying seeing as that we had done phone battling with the insurance company for what seems MONTHS by now and thought we had that issue all resolved. So after a couple hours more on the phone with the insurance company they assured me I was covered for my visit. Then when I arrived at the dentist's office for my appointment they told me that I was still not covered... more arguing with the insurance company. Turns out they're bigger incompetent idiots than I could have ever imagined... So finally today I got to see an actual dentist. I needed to, I was starting to feel so physically ill. I am kinda glad I let my cavities get so bad because they couldn't do anything but a root canal (i love root canals) that means I don't have to deal with that tooth ever again (most likely) unlike those shitty fillings that crack and bust and fall out and only cause more headaches! The dentist was new. He was really nice and considerate. It seemed like his main concern was my comfort. He kept asking if I felt ok... He was a redhead and lucky for him he didn't have brown eyes (My best friend and I decided we just hate red heads with brown eyes--- ugh so creepy looking) and I like him, as of now. Of course the other dentist used to always compliment what beautiful teeth I have ^^ (and then proceed to say what a shame it is that I don't take better care of them, asshole >_<;;;). I thought about getting a gold crown but after checking the location in my mouth opted out, way too close to the front. My Chinese friend told me he thought my gold tooth was beautiful and that I should get more <3 if Chinese boys can love my gold tooth... then hopefully one day I will have more.
Now that my feeling is back and I no longer look like a stroke victim when i try to use a straw or pucker up I feel worlds better! What a relief. I hope I remain pain free for my trip.
When I got home i had a package waiting at the door from my best friend. She got me the most perfect gift and the most perfect timing!.


I am so tired by now I should go snuggle with her and my puppy
xXx oOo
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14 April 2009 @ 08:04 pm
YAY I actually remembered it this year! It was because someone reminded me~! I think Black Day has got to be my favorite of all those Korean -14th of the month- special days they have going... why? because I love the color black and I love being single (most of the time) and the fact that single people get a special day to celebrate their singlehood themed around my favorite color as well as having food involved is something I envy! Although my friend in Korea tells me it's actually a "sad day" for singles, himself included... I am not buying it... at least I wouldn't be sad xD so to celebrate I really wanted to eat some Jjajangmyun! But the problem is I don't think a single Korean restaurant in my entire state actually serves Jajjangmyun (I should know, I called around... sometimes i even got laughed at!). I did, however, find some Chinese restaurants that served the Chinese version of the dish, zhajiangmian, but even those places were far away and just didn't seem as authentic to me. So I headed over to my local Korean grocer and picked up the ingredients to make myself my own Jajjangmyun! I found a few recipes from the internet, including a vegan version (score!) and I took my favorites ingredients from each recipe and fashioned my own variety of Korean black noodles xD.... and what would you know! I actually LOVED IT!!

looks pretty decent right?
of course I have nothing to reference the flavor of what authentic Korean jajjangmyun tastes like but I figure I used the most popular brand of black bean paste in Korea I could not have been far off. Mine is healthy too... so many veggies, not all that pork fat of the standard kind and even the noodles I used were shirataki noodles so it was even low carb!

man oh man just another reason to love black day... I think I found myself a new April 14th tradition. ^^
xXx oOo
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08 April 2009 @ 04:16 pm
For the first time since ... hmm maybe 비 was featured in the magazine People did a small piece on K-pop stars who are trying to break the US market... oh yeah and on Utada Hikaru too (BTW cannot get enough of her song "Dirty Desire" I am feeling so pervy) XDCollapse )

and PEREZ still loves k-pop

he posted the 2ne1 featuring Big Bang video today... Is it featuring big bang or featuring 2ne1? Cuz I see A LOT of big bang...
Speaking of... I really wish they were coming to HB this year *sniff* Then maybe I could sell my extra dang tickets.
xXx oOo
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